How to make a Discovery Basket

Collecting a selection of objects from around the house to make a discovery (or treasure) basket is the perfect way of allowing young babies to use their senses to explore new objects, textures and sounds. Discovery baskets are really easy to make and you don't need to go out and buy anything new. 

How to make a discovery basket for babies to play with (also known as treasure baskets)
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All you need is a basket (a low basket that older babies who are sitting up can reach into independently is best) and to have a hunt around your house for items you think your baby would enjoy discovering. 

I have tried to include as many different textures and sensory experiences as I can within our discovery basket.  Most of the objects that I have used are things we have found from around the house, but I also decided to include some of Daisy's toys that I thought she might enjoy exploring.  Daisy is only 4 months old so I have made one mixed discovery basket, but older babies may enjoy having several smaller themed baskets which are rotated to keep their interest.  Click here to see how we play with our discovery basket

What to put in a discovery basket  (affiliate links)

From the kitchen: Wooden spoons and spatulas, whisks, measuring cups, spoons, a pastry brush, silicone cupcake cases

what to include in a discover/ treasure basket

From the bathroom: Sponge, flannel, toothbrush, bath toys and bath books, a hair brush and comb 

How to make a discovery basket

A selection of different materials: Scarves, silk squares (UK link) (US link), feathers (to be used by me to tickle Daisy), ribbon, soft toys, and Daisy's favourite a small piece of a foil blanket (UK link) (US link). 

How to make a treasure basket

'Toys' that make a noise or light up: Light up balls spiky balls (UK link) (similar US link), light up disco ball (UK link) (US link), shakers (UK link) (US link), rattles, squeaky toys. I added some bubbles too 

What to include in a treasure basket for babies

I have now added some plastic mirrors to our basket and I will keep adding to it as I find things I think Daisy might enjoy exploring. Daisy's favourite items are definitely the foil blanket and she is fascinated with the lights, but she also loves the whisk and bath sponge.  

sensory activities for babies: how to make a discovery basket

I have carefully chosen objects for our discovery basket that are suitable to be used by young babies who want to put everything in their mouth. I would never leave Daisy on her own with these items and watch to make sure she doesn't put things too far into her mouth! I always check that all the objects are still in one piece and not dangerous before allowing Daisy to explore them.

Daisy: 4 months

How to make a discovery basket for babies (also known as a treasure basket) A safe sensory play experience for babies

What would you add to a discovery basket.  If you have any ideas please add them to the comments below. 

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