Handprint Snowman Baubles

I LOVE these handprint snowman baubles.  They look great on the Christmas tree and are such a lovely keepsake.  They make great gifts for family too. 

We used a mixture of shiny and sparkly baubles to make these decorations.  Personally I prefer the sparkly ones and I think the paint took to them a bit better too. We made all of ours using blue baubles but they would look nice in other colours too. 

I painted Harry's hand with white acrylic paint and put each bauble into his hand.  I made sure each finger had been pressed down and then we put them into little pots to dry. 

Once the paint had dried we added the details on the snowmen using a permanent marker.  I drew the details on as Harry was only 2 but I'm sure older children would love to do it themselves. 


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  1. These are always so cute when I see them! We may need to make a few this year!


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