Halloween Potato Printing

Potato printing is such an easy painting activity for kids, but always lots of fun. When we started this Halloween potato stamping activity I knew our paper would most likely end up as one big smudge of paint, but we had the best time doing it and it is the process that is the most important part of an activity like this. 

halloween art potato printing

Halloween Potato Printing

To set up this Halloween activity I cut a few Halloween shapes out of potatoes. I used a sharp knife to make some simple shapes (not the best but Harry, age 3, was happy with them). Then I squirted out some kids paint in Halloween colours onto paper plates.

pumpkin potato print

painting with potatoes

Harry started off carefully doing a few Halloween prints with the potatoes.  We made potato print ghosts and potato print Jack O Lanterns. 

ghost craft potato print
pumpkin craft potato print

However, Harry quickly decided it was more fun smudging the paint around the paper with the potatoes than printing with them. 

potato print painting: process art

Harry then decided to do some 'mixing' by putting black and white paint on his hands and smudging it together. He was delighted to tell me that the black and white paint made silver when it was mixed together.

He really enjoyed the colour mixing when we made our paper plate pumpkins so I think he wanted to do it again!

colour mixing using hands

This was what we ended up with..........

process art technique for toddlers and preschoolers

This Halloween potato stamping activity was so much fun, messy, but fun! We hope you have fun doing some Halloween potato printing too! 

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