Leaf Art Project - Autumn Leaf Craft for Toddlers

This leaf art project is so easy, but so much fun! Toddlers will love collecting Autumn leaves and then using them to make this easy autumn leaf craft. Autumn leaves, twigs and a few paints are all that are needed to make the perfect Autumn picture. This art project for toddlers is open ended so every piece of artwork will be totally unique!

Leaf Art Project - Autumn Leaf Craft for Toddlers

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year and inspires so many fun autumn crafts for toddlers. The best part about this Autumn leaf craft is that it involves heading outdoors and going on an Autumn walk to collect some interesting looking leaves. Why not use our nature scavenger hunt whilst on your walk for even more fun! 

As well as collecting leaves for this leaf art project you could use your toddlers collection of leaves to make some leaf monsters, create some leaf puppets or make a leaf hedgehog

Leaf Art Project - Autumn Leaf Craft for Toddlers

Leaf art project supplies:

  • Coloured paper
  • Paint (red, yellow, blue)
  • A collection of leaves and twigs
  • Glue

Leaf Art Project - Autumn Leaf Craft for Toddlers

Leaf Art Project - Autumn  Craft for Toddlers

STEP 1: Go on a nature walk

The best part of this leaf art project is heading outdoors to find some leaves. Take your time, look at the colours and shapes of the leaves around you and make a collection of your favourite. You will also need a twig to become the tree (if your toddler chooses to go in this direction)

STEP 2: Paint the paper

Give your toddler some red, blue and yellow paint and talk to them about how when you mix them together they make brown. They may want to paint some of the red, blue and yellow paint straight onto the paper or they may prefer to mix all the paints together straight away to create a brown tree. 

STEP 3: Glue on your leaves

Give your toddler a bit of glue and let them drizzle it over their painting. They can then stick their leaves to their artwork. This art project is really open ended, your toddler may choose to glue on all the leaves that they have collected or just one or two of their favouirte. 

Harry (aged 2) collected a twig whilst finding his leaves and decided that the twig was going to be the tree on his picture. We glued the twig onto the paper before adding his leaves. 

Leaf Art Project - Autumn Leaf Craft for Toddlers

We really enjoyed spending a day working on this leaf art project together and I was surprised at how long Harry could concentrate for. I think it helped that the art project was divided up into different stages, including heading outdoors!

The best thing about this leaf art project is definitely that it is totally open ended! Toddlers can take this Autumn leaf craft in any direction they choose and each piece of leaf art will be totally unique!

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