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About me

I'm Louise, I enjoy anything arty and I absolutely LOVE being a mum to my three gorgeous children. I could maybe do without the sleepless nights and tantrums, but I do believe being a parent really is the BEST THING EVER! I have always enjoyed being creative since as far back as I can remember, so it is amazing to be able to share this passion with my children. 

I teach young children and I feel that it is so important to be able to teach children in a fun and creative way. I love helping my own children learn and experience new things using the same approach. Young children are so full of enthusiasm about anything and everything and I love the look of excitement on their faces when they discover something new. 

Writing this blog gives me an opportunity to share and hopefully inspire people with the arty, crafty, messy fun I have with my children at home. 

Meet the family

I live in England with my Irish hubbie John.  John is a brilliant dad and there is nothing better than hearing the children giggle as he runs around the house with them. 

Our little monster Harry is 7 and is a real character.  He loves using his imagination, discovering new things and getting messy, but he always seem to be missing when it's tidy up time! He has so much energy and is always on the go, I just wish I had enough energy to keep up with him! 

Harry's little sister Daisy is growing fast. She is 4,  has the biggest smile and tries so hard to make us all laugh. She is a strong-willed, determined little girl who wants to be involved in all the fun and be just like her brother. Anything Harry can do she can do too! 

Our newest addition to the family is Ollie who is the cutest, most chilled baby ever! 

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  1. You are doing a wonderful job of helping me entertain my grand children...thank you for all your creative ideas....Helene'


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