Mud Play - Mud Ice Cream Shop Pretend Play

Mud play is so much fun! Kids will have hours of fun with this easy-to-set-up mud activity! Using mud, sprinkles and ice cream cones kids can get involved in some messy pretend play as they set up their own role-play ice cream shop.

Mud play
Mud can be a wonderful medium for sensory play. Is there anything kids love more than playing with mud? I don't think so!

I don't think the famous tongue twister  'You scream I scream we all scream for ice cream!' meant mud ice cream, but although you cannot eat it, this super cute mud ice cream pretend play is just as fun as eating real ice cream!

You'll need some simple household items like old dishes and spoons and of course, mud! Get everything ready and let's start the mud play fun!

mud play ice cream shop pretend play

Mud is so much fun and there are so many ways you can play with it. Do you have a mud kitchen? If not you could try to make your own mud kitchen. Mud kitchens are brilliant fun and really inspire young children to get creative. As well as making these mud ice creams at your mud kitchen you could check out our mud kitchen recipe cards

Mud play - mud kitchen recipe cards

Mud Play - Mud Ice Cream Shop Pretend Play


Mud Play Supplies:

  • Ice cream cones
  • Sprinkles
  • Old dishes like a bowl and spoons to scoop with
  • Mud

Make sure you use old bowls you don't mind getting dirty! You could always leave them outdoors afterward or in your mud kitchen for more fun mud play at a later date. 

Mud Play Instructions:

STEP 1: Get the mud ready.

Start by filling up a bowl with mud. Add a little water to make the mud a nice gooey consistency that can be scooped up with spoons.  Then, offer your kids the spoons and scoops you've chosen to use for this mud play. Also, add sprinkles and ice cream cones.

How to make mud

Invite your little one to scoop up some mud into the cones. You could offer ice cream bowls to fill as well as (or instead) of the ice cream cones.

Mud play

Once your ice cream cones are full of mud add tons of sprinkles! You could use real cake sprinkles (this is a great way to use up out-of-date sprinkles) or you could get creative and make your own sprinkles using pieces of nature such as small pebbles, petals or cut-up leaves. 

mud play - role play ice cream shop

Kids will love making mud ice creams for their friends or family. Why not make an ice cream menu for them to choose from or write down ice cream orders in a notepad. This ice cream shop pretend play could be taken is so many different directions. 

Mud play - mud ice creams

You could use the blank mud kitchen menu from our mud kitchen recipe card set or make your own. It would be fun thinking up names for the ice creams and making a variety of toppings for them. 

Mud play - mud kitchen menu

Mud play is such a fun and easy activity to put together and it is great for outdoor play both in the summer and winter. Kids will have a blast creating their own ice cream pretend play shop whilst getting messy with this fun mud play idea.

Mud play. Ice cream shop pretend play.

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