Popsicle Stick Ballerina Dancer Craft

Make your little one's inner ballerina soar with this enchanting popsicle stick Ballerina Dancer Craft for kids!

Popsicle stick ballerina dancer craft

Our lovely popsicle stick ballerina craft has us under a spell, and there's no wonder why! 

With budget-friendly supplies and easy-to-follow steps, this ballerina dancer craft is an ideal craft for anyone that loves dancing and being creative. 

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Let's begin, shall we? 

Popsicle Stick Ballerina Dancer Craft

popsicle stick ballerina craft

Ballerina Craft - Supplies:

  • One large popsicle stick
  • Three regular popsicle sticks
  • Paints in flesh tones
  • Paintbrush
  • Cupcake liners (regular or mini)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun/glue
  • Paint pens (we used Posca)
  • Mini pom poms (in hair tones)

Popsicle stick ballerina dancer craft supplies

Dancer Craft - Directions:

STEP 1 -  Paint your popsicle sticks:

To start, take a large popsicle sticks and three regular sized popsicle sticks along with your paint. Pick any flesh colour you want and paint the sticks. Remember to wait for them to dry before moving onto the next step. 

Alternatively if you don't want to wait for the paint to dry you could use the popsicle sticks the color they are. 

paint popsicle sticks for ballerina dancer craft

paint popsicle sticks for ballerina craft

STEP 2 - Cut the popsicle sticks:

Take the large popsicle stick and use your scissors to cut it below the mark halfway (this will create your ballerinas body). Then, cut about ¼ off two of the regular-sized popsicle sticks (this will create the ballerinas legs). Cut the final regular sized popsicle stick in half (this will create the ballerinas arms.

cut popsicle sticks for ballerina dancer craft

STEP 3 - Start putting your ballerina's body together:

Take your three popsicle sticks and turn them over so the painted side is down. Add hot glue to the back of the big popsicle stick and then attach the two longer regular popsicle sticks to the bottom (legs) and the two shorter regular popsicle sticks higher up (arms).

See image below as a guide. 

glue popsicle sticks for ballerina dancer craft\

Once the glue has dried turn the popsicle sticks over. It will look like an upper body with two arms and two legs.

create popsicle stick ballerina shape

STEP 4 - Add details to your dancer:

Give your ballerina some cute ballet shoes! Draw them right at the bottom of the ballerina's legs using paint pens. Make it even cuter and add extra details like ribbons. 

draw details on popsicle stick ballerina craft

Color the upper body to create the top part of your dancers dress. Then draw on hair, lips, and eyes.

draw details on popsicle stick ballerina dancer craft

Once you've made sure the paint from the paint pen has dried, add a little bit of hot glue right on the top of your ballerina's head and attach a pom-pom with a similar color to her hair.

add hair to popsicle stick ballerina dancer craft

STEP 5 - Add a cupcake liner tutu:

Now, it's time to add the tutu dress! To do this, take the cupcake liner and fold it in half. Then, flatten it against a hard surface gently. 

Glue the cupcake liner onto the lower part of your ballerina's body and... your ballerina is ready! 

popsicle stick ballerina dancer craft

If you want to take this activity to a whole new level, make more dancers and your child will have their own group of ballerinas, always ready to play!

dancer craft

Aren't these little ballet dancers the cutest?!

ballerina craft

We hope you love this popsicle stick ballerina craft as much as we do. Have fun using your imagination and some funky cupcake liners to create your own individual dancer craft. Enjoy!

popsicle stick ballerina craft - dancer craft for kids

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