Claude Monet Inspired Art for Kids

Exploring the history of art for kids is such a fun activity to do with toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids. This Monet art for kids is such a fun and educational activity for all to enjoy. The best part of this Claude Monet for kids craft is that it is a very simple painting activity that is totally wall worthy! Follow the step by step directions below to create your very own painting of Claude Monet's bridge over a pond of water lilies.

Claude Monet Inspired Art for Kids

This money art project was created on a canvas which makes it extra special! Check out our other easy canvas painting ideas.

Claude Monet art for kids

Creating your own piece of Monet art is a perfect opportunity to explore different colours and techniques while learning about the history behind art. Claude Monet created 12 different paintings in his series, showing the different views of the wooden footbridge over the pond on his property. Older kids can explore comparing similar paintings and discussing the details.

Scroll down below for step by step directions on how to create your very own Claude Monet art painting.

Claude Monet for kids

Monet art for kids

Monet art supplies:

  • Small art canvas
  • Masking tape
  • Paint - blue and green
  • Paintbrushes, optional

How to make Monet inspired art:

STEP 1: Gather your art supplies

Before you get started, gather up all your supplies. If you're doing this with toddlers, fingerpaints are PERFECT (and a great sensory opportunity!). Older children may prefer to utilise paintbrushes. Try using different types of brushes for added texture!

STEP 2: Prepare for painting

To get started, pull up some of Claude Monet's paintings for reference. This activity is inspired by his series of paintings, Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies 1899. Older children can use this as an opportunity to look for similarities and differences between the 12 different paintings. Discuss the colours that were used in each of his paintings.

After analysing the paintings, use masking tape to create a bridge across the canvas. You may want to use a coloured masking tape so it's easier to see than ours was!

Claude Monet art project for kids

STEP 3: Paint the canvas

Start painting the canvas with blue and green paint. Guide your child to cover it in paint in different shapes and textures.

Monet art project for kids

Monet Bridges art for kids

STEP 4: Finalise Monet inspired pond painting

Once the painting is finished and you are happy with the result, peel off the tape and set it aside to dry. Or, if preferred, wait for the paint to dry before peeling off the masking tape. Older children may enjoy noting the similarities between the original and their painting. You can display your child's new masterpiece on a stand or by hanging it on the wall.  

Monet Bridge craft for kids

We hope you enjoyed this Monet art for kids project. Exploring the paintings of famous artists can be so much fun! This Claude Monet for kids craft is a great opportunity to explore art history for kids big and small. 

Claude Monet art for kids.

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