Coffee filter Flower Craft

All you need to make these beautiful flowers for your home are coffee filters and paper straws! This Coffee Filter Flowers Craft is delightful and super budget-friendly project. Using a fun art process you can create a gorgeous homemade paper flower bouquet without breaking the bank. The process of colouring the flowers is perfect for younger children so all the family can get involved with making this flower craft.

coffee filter flowers craft

During Spring flower crafts are my go-to craft option, they are so colourful and always make me smile. Paper crafts are always fun, they are a great way for young children to work on their motor skills and their creative side, but I especially love these coffee filter flowers as they use such a fun art process to add colour to the petals.

coffee filter flowers

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Coffee Filter Flower Craft

flower craft for kids

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Coffee Filter Flowers Supplies:

  • Round coffee filters
  • Water-based markers
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper straws

Coffee Filter Flowers Instructions:

STEP 1: Prepare coffee filters

Take your coffee filters and flatten them, then place them in a stack of five. To add colour to your coffee filter flowers you are going to use a water based marker. We used pink, but get creative, you can use any colour you like!

Grab a marker in your chosen colour and colour around the edge of each coffee filter. (as shown in the image below)

coffee filter craft

STEP 2: Wet coffee filter

Dip your paintbrush in a glass of water and brush it along the section you just coloured with the marker. Try to pull the paintbrush towards the centre of the coffee filter, carefully and using small strokes.  Continue doing this until the whole filter is wet. 

colouring coffee filters

STEP 3: Dry and fold coffee filter 

Allow the coffee filters to dry completely before continuing! Once they have dried, start by folding each coffee filter stack in half and then fold it again in half.

coffee filter flower craft for kids

STEP 4: Cut coffee filters

Cut strips in the coffee filter stack (as show below). 

how to make coffee filter flowers

And then cut a zig zag shape across the top (as shown below)

coffee filter flowers

You will also need to make a small snip at the tip of the coffee filters.

STEP 5: Open coffee filters & add a straw

You need to do this step carefully. Gently open the filters. Take your straw and put it through the hole in the stack's centre.

How to make a coffee filter flower craft

STEP 8: Complete coffee filter flowers

Now it's time to complete your coffee filter flower craft. Pull the top filter off the stack, bunch it around the top of the straw and keep it in place with a drop of glue.

paper flower craft

Repeat this step and pull each coffee filter up over the top of the last filter, and glue it in place until all the coffee filters have been glued to complete this lovely flower craft!

Coffee filter flower craft

Make one paper flower or a whole bunch! Whatever you decide these flowers will look beautiful displayed around your home or they could be given to someone as a special homemade gift. 

coffee filter flowers

My kids had a field day making these stunning coffee filter flowers and I'm sure yours will too. I like the fact you can make them fast using things you already have at home, so there's no extra spending. We hope you enjoy making this lovely spring flower craft!

Coffee filter flowers craft for kids. Easy paper flowers craft idea for Spring.

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