Mark Making - Drawing with Cars

Has your toddler or preschooler ever tried drawing with cars? Mark making with cars is such a fun toddler drawing activity and it is super easy to set up. Any little ones that love playing with cars are sure to love this vehicle themed mark making activity. Why not set this up outdoors for even more fun!

mark making with cars

Toddler drawing activities need to be fun and inviting and this drawing with cars activity is just that. Instead of just using pens on paper young children can make marks on paper using cars as they push them across the paper. Toddlers often have short attention spans so activities like this that are engaging, but also easy to set up are perfect.

This fun car themed mark making activity was loved by both Oliver (18 month old) and Daisy (aged 4).

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toddler drawing with cars

Mark making - Drawing with cars

Supplies for this mark making activity 

  • markers / pens
  • toy cars
  • tape
  • roll of paper

How to set up drawing with cars

This mark making activity is so easy to set up. Simply use tape to attach markers/ pens to the back of toy cars. You need to make sure the pen nib is level with the bottom of the car so that when the cars are pushed along the paper a mark will be made. Why not get your toddler or preschooler to pick out their favourite cars to use for this activity?

Once you have attached pens to all the cars or vehicles you wish to use, roll out a large sheet of paper and place the cars on top of it. Then all that is left to do is invite your toddler or preschooler to come and play with the cars and make some marks. 

Mark making with cars

We set this car themed activity up outdoors. Oliver (18 months) loves drawing on anything and everything at the moment so I thought that being outside was the safest option! 

car themed mark making activity for toddlers

Oliver and Daisy (aged 4) were invited to come and play with the cars. Daisy ran straight over and Oliver followed. They both enjoyed moving the cars backwards and forwards to make marks on the paper. 

drawing with cars mark making ideas

After a while Oliver decided to investigate how to take the pens off the cars. 

mark making activities for toddlers

We hope that you enjoy this fun mark making activity as much as we do. Toddler drawing activities like this are easy to set up and engaging for young children who often have short attention spans. If your toddler or preschooler enjoys this drawing with cars activity they might also enjoy painting with cars

mark making activities for toddlers - toddler drawing with cars

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