MentalUP Brain Training App - Brain games for kids

Have you heard of the MentalUP Brain training app? We have recently discovered the MentalUP app and love it. It is full of dozens of exercises to support development of children's attention, memory, logic, visual and verbal skills. Play is the most effective way for children to learn and the games on this app have helped Harry (aged 6) learn to focus and work on his thinking skills. You can try the app for free and if your child enjoys using it we have a discount code for you to use at the bottom of the page. 

MentalUP Brain Training App Review  - brain games for kids

Harry, like lots of young children, loves spending time on his tablet so I am always looking for new apps for him to try. The mentalUP app is full of lots of different intelligence games that are fun to play.


What is MentalUP?

MentalUP is an effective way of increasing children's mental development with more than 60 entertaining brain games. The exercises support development of children’s attention, memory, logic, visual and verbal skills. The good news is that all of these exercises are designed as games so they are really appealing to children. What's even better is that parents can monitor their child's development through detailed performance reports.

The brain boosting daily workout takes about 25/30 minutes. There are memory games to improve learning ability, concentration games that provide focusing, visual games to improve creative thinking and logic games and mind games to enhance thinking and problem-solving skills.

MentalUP was developed by doctors, scientists, academicians and game designers, it is used worldwide in 48 different countries and there are over 2 million users. The app has good reviews with a score in the app stores of 4.8.

brain games for kids - MentalUP

Playing the MentalUP brain training games

Harry has really enjoyed playing all the games on the mentalUP app. Each time you log on to the app a different selection of games appear. You have to complete 10 games each session and you are scored at the end. The levels slowly increase in difficulty and they are all timed. Harry is keeping track of his score and sees it as a real challenge. 

brain training app for kids

The games vary quite a lot and each game comes with different benefits. Harry loves the memory games and puzzles. I have added a short video of him playing a few of the games below. 

There are 60 different games available so I couldn't possibly describe them all, but here are a few examples of the games that the MentalUp app offers. 

"Mirror on the wall" - In the mirror game, you have to work out the correct reflected image of the object on the screen. This game improves visual perception and comparison skills.

"Follow Back” - In this game you need to follow the actions on the screen and mark them in reverse order of appearance. This is a great exercise for both attention and memory.

"Equalization" - In order to get good results in this game, you need to eliminate the numbers you do not need instead of collecting the ones you need. It's a great way to improve problem-solving skills of children.

There are dozens of different games just like these and each game comes with different benefits.

Mental UP app review

MentalUP discount code

You can try out the MentalUP app with your child for free for 7 days. If they love it we have a discount code that you can use to try out the full version like we have. You can play the MentalUP games on computer, tablet or phone.

Try For Free : MentalUP educatioal brain games
Discount Code: 3045
Expiry Date: 7th July 2018

MentalUP actually already have a promotion on but with our discount code you can get even more money off. When you use your mentalUP discount code the prices will change as detailed below.


List price: $ 71,88
Current promotion price: $ 47,88
Price with the discount code: $ 23,88


List price: $ 35,94
Current promotion price: $ 29,94
Price with the discount code: $ 17,94

It is very easy to use the discount code, please see below for my explanation

Android and IOS (Tablet and Phone)

If you are a member and start playing, you will see the main screen below. When you click on the buttons that I have pointed to with arrows, you get to the screen where the packages are first, then to the screen where you can enter the discount code:


If you are using a computer to play the game the screen will look like the image below.

Simply enter the discount code in the field that I have an arrow pointing to and click on "Apply code". If you follow these steps, you will see that the package prices will be dropped. Then you can continue by selecting the package you want.

Here is a short video of Harry (aged 6) using the mentalUP app. 

You can purchase the app on your computer, tablet or phone. You can use the same username and password on all platforms. We hope that you love the app as much as we do!

MentalUP Brain Training App Review  - brain games for kids

Disclosure: We are working with the MentalUP team. All thoughts and opinions are our own as always. Thank you to MentalUP for the discount code. 

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