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Make your child smile this Easter by sneaking one of these Easter jokes into their lunch box! These Easter themed jokes for kids can be downloaded and printed out. Hopefully they will result in a laugh or two.

Easter jokes for kids.

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Easter is really early this year so you don't have long to squeeze in all the fun Easter activities. We have lots of Easter crafts and activities on the website for you to try. Among other things we have printable Easter playdough mats, a chick cake in a jar craft and sponge painted eggs that you might enjoy.


Easter jokes for kids.

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Easter Jokes for Kids

Q - How does Easter end?
A - With an R.

Q - What kind of books do bunnies read?
A - Ones with a hoppy ending.

Q - What did the egg say to the baby egg?
A - You're egg-stra special.

Q - How does the Easter bunny stay fit?
A - Egg- ercise.

Q - Why did the Easter egg hide?
A - He was a little chicken.

Q - What happened to the egg when he laughed?
A - He cracked up.

Q - What music do bunnies listen to?
A - Hip-hop

Q - What stories does the Easter bunny like to read?
A - Ones with hoppy endings.

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