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Kids seem to be fascinated by bugs and butterflies! As we will be seeing a lot more of them soon as we head into Spring I thought it would be fun to share a list of books that have a bug or butterfly theme. These books are great for toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children with an interest in bugs. We have included a mixture of fiction, non-fiction and activity books to suit various age groups. 

20 bug and butterfly books for kids. A book list for toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children that love insects.

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Reading is so wonderful! By reading lots of books children expand their vocabulary, learn new things and
 use their imagination. Whether they want to learn new facts or snuggle up and have a story read to them the important thing is that they are exposed to books so they can develop a love of reading. 

As the books we are sharing today are all bug themed why not go outdoors on a bug hunt before finding a shady spot to read a few of these books. You could even pick a book based on the bugs that you have found. If your kids love being outdoors you might like to take a look at our outdoor art ideas

If your child has a strong interest in bugs or butterflies or you are just begining a bug themed project you might like to take a look at a few of our other bug activities.  We have a set of bug colouring pages available for to download and print out, a 'The Very Hunrgy Caterpillar' craft and several butterfly activities amongst other things. 

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20 Bug and Butterfly Books for Kids

The Very Hungry Caterpillar| A classic book that is full of colour and imagination. This is much loved book by many young children and it is great for introducing children to the butterfly life cycle.

Bedtime Bugs| Do bugs have night-time routines? In this fun pop up book the bugs guide us through how a bug prepares for bed at night. Do they have a bath? Do they have a bedtime story?

My Oh My A Butterfly| Cat in the Hat will help you learn all about butterflies using rhyming words and a fun adventure. Did you know that butterflies see thousands of images at once? This is just one of the fun butterfly facts from this book.

The Very Clumsy Click Beetle | Written by Eric Carle (the author of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar') this book follows the story of a click beetle who gets stuck on his back. As with all Eric carle books there are beautiful illustrations to grab young childrens attention. 

Butterfly Coloring Book| Do you have a child who enjoys colouring? Consider buying this colouring book full of delicate looking butterflies.

Superworm| No one fear superworm is here to save the day!This fun story is great for getting children to use their imaginations.  When Superworm gets captured will his friends be able to help him escape?

Are You A Butterfly| This is a nice information book that explains to young children what happens as a caterpillar grows and turns into a butterfly.

Roly Polies| A book about roly-polies and how we don't judge a book by its cover. Even plain creatures can be full of creativity and talent. A great read for kids with lovely illustrations!

Paint Dauber Activity Bug Book| A book full of cute bugs for toddlers and preschoolers to decorate using dot markers.  This book is great for keeping the kids entertained on a rainy day!

Butterfly Colours and Counting| Use pretty butterflies to help your child learn to count, and learn about colours! A really fun book great for younger kids. 

The Very Quiet Cricket| Another Eric Carle book. The tiny cricket tries to make noise to say hello to the big cricket and no sound comes out. He has to learn how to make noise. This book encourages children to think about the sounds that different bugs make.

Bugs A to Z| A book full of  different bugs from creepy crawlings to flying bugs and all things in between. Kids will love learning new bug facts and enjoy looking at the larger than life bug photographs.

The Big Book Of Bugs| A very informative book all about bugs. With sections on every bug you can think of as well as tips on how to become a bug spotter this book is great for children that want to learn move about bugs. 

Butterflies of the World Sticker Activity Book| This sticker book is based on the beautiful world of butterflies.  There are colourful pictures with places for you to add stickers as well as interesting butterfly facts on each page. 

I Like Bugs | This is a great book for those beginner readers. It is all about fun bugs and easy for your child to read.

Builder Bugs| A pop-up book about builder bugs.  This fun story has a construction theme. From bulldozer bugs to painter bugs each bug has a job to do as they work together to create something special.

Reusable Bug Stickers| A book full of 400 bug stickers that can be reused. Kids will go nuts over this.

National Geographic Kids Look and Learn: Bugs | A great read for young children that are interested in learning about bugs. Can you name all the bugs?

There's A Bug On My Book| A fun book that makes children want to get out and explore nature in their backyard. Children will love seeing critters hop, fly, wriggle and slide across the page to join them!

Ten Magic Butterflies| Your child can learn to count with ten flower friends that magically turn into butterflies. Will their flower friends dreams come true?

20 bug and butterfly books for kids. A book list for toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children that love insects.

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