Spring Themed Books For Kids

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with your child by reading some Spring themed books. We have gathered together 20 of our favourite Spring themed children's books to create a Spring book list for kids! These bright and colourful books will capture young children's attention and teach them about all the changes that take place as we move from Winter into Spring. We have included a selection of books that will interest toddlers, preschoolers and school kids too. 

Spring themed books for kids.  This book list of 20 children's books to help celebrate Spring is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and school kids.

I love spring personally, I am a fan of the crisp green grass, the fragrances in the air from the flowers, and the warm sun shining on my face. 

There is nothing better than grabbing a few books on a nice Spring day and heading outdoors to sit down in the sunshine for story time. Children can experience the true feelings of spring time when outside so it is the perfect place to read their favourite Spring themed books. We also have a rainbow themed book list to take a look at.

Spring is a time of real change and the books in this collection address this change. Children find the changes that happen to plants, animals and the weather in Spring fasci

As well as reading Spring themed books your child might enjoy doing some Spring themed crafts.

20 Spring Themed Books for Children

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Spring Is Here| Mole finds that spring is finally here, and bear is still snoozing away. In this cute book see how mole tries to wake the sleeping bear to tell him spring has arrived! 

Plants in Spring| If your child seems to show interest in plants, you might want to buy them this book. It helps children learn in an easy way about how flowers appear.

Animals in Spring| Most kids have a fascination with animals, this book is filled with adorable animals. It shares how animals enjoy spring.

Is It Warm Enough to Eat Ice CreamThis book touches bases on all the season and what the weather is like. How in the winter you play in the snow, fall you can rake leaves to play in, and in the Spring you splash in puddles.

Pop-Up Little Lamb| This fun book introduces children to Spring animals and offers a rhyming aspect. With each flip of the page this book comes to life with pop-ups.

Spring| This book is geared towards babies and toddlers as it is a touch and feel book. They can experience different sensations as they touch each page and look at the vibrant pictures.

Baby Loves Spring| See all the ways that baby loves springtime! This is a really adorable and fun board book with brightly coloured illustrations.

The Things About Spring| Rabbit isn't quite sure if he wants spring here or not as he loved winter. His friends try to persuade him of all the reasons to why he will enjoy the spring.

When Spring Comes| Bye bye winter, hello spring. This book is geared for ages 4-8 and shares all the wonderful ways spring changes from cold winter days.

Spring for Sophie| Sophie can't wait for spring to come, but as she stares at the window she keeps waiting for the snow to melt and the sun to appear. Will the spring she is waiting for ever arrive?

It's Spring| Beautiful pictures and simple text will capture children's attention as they read about different weather, animal and plant changes that take place in Spring. 

Let It Rain| Sometimes spring brings lots of rain, and this book talks about one season ending and a new beginning and all the adventures that take place for these kids.

Mouse's First Spring| See how mouse enjoys his first spring. Go with him on a unique adventure and experiences all that takes place as he experiences seeing birds, frogs and petals for the first time. This is a lovely board book for younger readers. 

Finding Spring| A bear cub decides to go on the hunt for Spring instead of hibernating like the rest of his family. What will he find?

Spring Is Here Board Book| I love board books, and this one is really fun with bright colorful pages. Great for younger kids to enjoy and learn about springtime.

Painting A Rainbow| Learn about colours and all the different flowers that make spring so special. The rainbow of colours in this book make it bold and eye catching. This book is great for learning about how flowers grow. 

I See Spring| Bird chirping, light rainfalls, puddles for splashing, flowers blooming, are just a few of the things you see when spring arrives.

My Spring Robin| Will the robin return from last spring for the little girl to see? She heads out as soon as spring arrives to look for her friend the robin and sees all the sights and sounds of the new season, but will she find the robin?

What Can You See In Spring?This is an easy to read book for emergent readers with beautiful photographs to accompany the simple text. It that takes the reader on a tour of things that can be seen in Spring.

Spectacular Spring| Spring is spectacular that is for sure, and this book shares all the different things that make Spring special. From new baby birds hatching, animals coming out of hibernation and the change in weather. There are a few cute crafts shared in this book too!
Spring themed books for kids.  This book list of 20 children's books to help celebrate Spring is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and school kids.

Which of these Spring books do you think your child would most enjoy? Spring is such a beautiful season to learn about. I can't think of anything better than cuddling up outside in the sunshine for a story time with some of these adorable books. After reading a few books you might like to try a few of these Spring crafts

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