Sibling Books To Prepare For New Baby

Do you have a baby on the way and have a child already at home? If so you might consider buying some sibling books to help prepare your child for their new baby brother or new baby sisters arrival.

Sibling books to prepare for a new baby arrival. A list of 20 books to help your child with the transition of welcoming a new baby brother or baby sister into the world.

As we await the arrival of baby number three any day now we have been busy trying to prepare Harry (aged 6) and Daisy (aged 3) for their new siblings arrival.

Reading a few of these books about the arrival of a new baby have definitely helped them understand the changes that will happen. Harry can remember Daisy being born and is really excited about the idea of a new baby, but it is a new experience for Daisy so we have had to talk through the idea of me being pregnant and having a new baby a little more with her. 


Below I will share 20 awesome sibling books that will help your child learn that you have a baby growing in your belly and soon they will have a new brother or sister to love. Sometimes it can be hard for an only child to welcome a new sibling into the mix. These books help make it a smoother transition.

20 Sibling Books To Prepare For A New Baby

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There's A House Inside My Mummy| I love this book as it is from the child's perspective of what it feels like waiting for their sibling to arrive. It mentions that the older child once lived in their mummy's tummy too, but they don't remember much at all.

My New Baby| The concerns of what is to come once the baby arrives gets answered in this book for your little one. Let them know that it will be a beautiful blessing.

I Am A Big Sister| If you have a daughter at home and have a newborn on the way than this is a great book. Help your child get ready for the addition and the expansion of your family.

I'm A Big Brother| Equally if 
you have a son at home and have a newborn on the way than this is a great book. 

The New Baby| In this Little Critters series book Mercer welcomes a new baby sister into the family. He learns to rock her to sleep, help change diapers, push the stroller etc.

What's In Your Tummy Mummy| As your tummy grows your child might be wondering what is growing inside. This is a really fun book for your young child.

The Berenstain Bears' New Baby| If you are a fan of the Berenstain Bears books grab this one as they bring home a new baby. See how they adjust to their new sister.

Mommy Laid an Egg| Is your child is asking where babies come from? If so this is a really fun book to help let your child hear where babies come from.

Welcome Little One| Let your child learn how much of a blessing the new baby will be to them and the family. This is a beautiful book.

On The Night You Were Born| Let your child see how special it was when they were born. Then let them know that when the new baby arrives they too will have special events take place.

Berenstain Bears' and Baby Makes Five| Honey is the new addition to the family, and not everyone loves the idea of being up all night from crying. Read this book to help prepare your child for what is to come.

Baby Is Here| Baby has arrived and now what? See how brother adjusts to welcoming home their new little sweet sister.

Charlie and The New Baby| If your child feels they are getting less attention than normal this book can help them feel better and know they are as much loved.

God Gave Us Two| By adding a new child into the family doesn't mean you don't love them any less, this book shares how you still love your child just as much.

You're Getting A Baby Brother| This rhyming book will help your child get rid of those butterflies that they may have about a new baby coming into the mix.

Best-Ever Big Sister| This book shares how much of a responsibility it is to be a big sister. All the fun things you can help out with, and take on a new role as a big sister.

What To Expect When The New Baby Comes| The dog helps answer all the questions your kiddo might have about what happens once mommy and daddy go to the hospital and bring home a new baby.

Good Night, My Darling Baby| A fun book you can sit down and read to your belly with your child as you are waiting for your baby to arrive.

How to Be A Baby, by Me, the Big Sister| In this book know it all big sister talks about what happens when you are a baby, she talks about all the things they have to learn to do.

Good Night New Baby| This book shares how you will have checkups for a new baby, diaper changing, and much more to do. It is a great book that helps ease your child into what to expect when baby arrives.

Sibling books to prepare for a new baby arrival. A list of 20 books to help your child with the transition of welcoming a new baby brother or baby sister into the world.

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