Painted Cardboard Playhouse

The kids have had hours of fun painting and playing in their own cardboard playhouse. I provided the paints and the playhouse and let them splat and drip paint all over it. They loved being free to decorate it in their own creative way. They got totally covered in paint and had fun popping up out of the windows.
Painted cardboard playhouse.  These colour or paint your own house are perfect for inspiring imagination and creativity. This activity is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers.
For more creative fun outdoors make some nature paintbrushes or a bubble snake

We were lucky enough to be sent our cardboard playhouse from They also sell cardboard castles and tepees and are offering readers 10% off.  Just type in the code 'messylittlemonster' for your discount. 

I made the cardboard playhouse up in the garden for the kids to paint. Our house also came with some stickers which we added once the paint had dried. 

Colour or paint your own cardboard playhouse for toddlers and preschoolers

Outdoor art activity for kids

Outdoor painting activity for kids.  Paint a cardboard playhouse.

The kids loved painting the house as well as themselves! They were totally covered in paint by the time they had finished.  They decided to paint inside the house too. 

Painted cardboard playhouse. Fun outside activities for kids.

They loved going in and out of the two doors and popping their heads out of the windows. 

Imaginative outdoor play for kids.  Colour or paint your own cardboard playhouse

Once the paint had dried we took the playhouse apart and made it up in our playroom. Harry added the stickers which came with the house. 

design your own cardboard play house for kids

The kids have had a brilliant time playing in their house.  Harry has even added a few cushions to make it cosy. 
Colour or paint your own cardboard playhouse.  Kids will love playing outside in a fort they have made. A perfect activity for toddlers and preschoolers.
Harry: Age 4        
Daisy: Age 21 months 

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