Name Writing Activity using Glitter Glue

We have been doing a few activities recently to help Harry learn to write his name.  The raised surface created by the glitter glue in this name activity is great for tracing over with a finger to practice writing a name over and over. We loved making this tactile name card and after tracing over it a few times Harry announced proudly that he could write his name!

This post is part of a name writing and recognition series hosted by Preschool Powol Packets.  To find out more about this series click here 

You will need: (affiliate links)

Glitter glue
Watered down paint (we used liquid acrylic colour UK link / US link)
Paint brush or eye droppers (we used these jumbo eye droppers UK link / US link)

How to make a glitter glue name card

I started by writing Harry's name on card using a pencil.  Then I called Harry to watch me go over the pencil line and write his name in glitter glue.  He watched carefully as I wrote each letter.  As I wrote each letter I told him what I was doing (e.g. we go round, up and down from a).  He loved watching me. He wanted to have a go himself, but we did that on a separate piece of paper as it was too difficult for him to squeeze the glue along the lines.  He enjoyed trying though. 

Once the letters had dried (which took a few hours) Harry used his finger to trace over each letter.  

Then it was time to get the paints out.  The glue resists the watery paint so we painted over the complete piece of card.  Harry didn't want to use paint brushes, he wanted to use his jumbo eyedroppers.  He spread the paint out using a foam paint brush.

Practice writing your name 

Once the name card had dried we talked about the letters and sounds and Harry traced his finger over his name several times.  He loved the tactile nature of the card and was very excited to tell me that he could write his name. Harry has proudly put his name card into his role play shop so we know it is his shop. 

Harry: Age 3

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