Five Currant Buns Imaginative Play

This bakers shop imaginative play activity is based around the nursery rhyme, 'Five Currant Buns'. Children will love becoming bakers to make their own pretend currant buns to sell in a bakers shop. It is a great song for helping children learn to count and for introducing them to the concept of money. 

five currant buns bakers shop role play

We made our currant buns a while ago and Harry has played with them so many times in his shop since.  He uses them to act out the nursery rhyme 'five currant buns', play cafes or shops and have pretend picnics.  

Here is a little video of Harry singing 'Five Currant Buns' in his bakers shop.

Five Currant Buns Imaginative Play

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Becoming a baker: Making salt dough currant buns

Harry had sooo much fun pretending to be a baker to make his currant buns.  We used this salt dough recipe to make our dough, but had lots of fun with the ingredient before we moulded them into the shape of currant buns.  We ended up covered in flour and make a huge mess, but it was fun! 

making salt dough currant buns
salt dough currant buns

Once we had made and baked our salt dough currant buns we painted them.  We painted white icing on our buns and painted the cherries red.  We added the currants (dots) using a pen.  You really need a permanent marker pen, we used one of our usual felt pens and when we sealed our buns with mod podge the colour ran a bit. 

Bakers shop imaginative role play

five currant buns shop role play

Children learn so much through role play.  They can use their imagination and play out their ideas.  Through this bakers shop role play children are learning about the concept of money and how to count. 

Here is Harry counting out his currant buns to see how many he has left. 

five currant buns counting activity

Harry has a great wooden kitchen that doubles up as a shop.  It has a kitchen on one side and a chalkboard and shelves on the other side so that he can use it as a shop. To set up our bakers shop we added a till and coins. Harry set up the currant buns on a plate next to the till.  We wrote the name of the shop on the chalkboard. 

Harry enjoyed getting the whole family involved in the 'five currant buns' nursery rhyme.  He took on the role of the shop keeper and we came along with our pennies to buy our currant buns. Once he had finished the song (several times) we had a currant bun picnic.  

Five Currant Buns Imaginative Play

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