Homemade chalk paint recipe

Make your own chalk paint! This homemade chalk paint recipe is so simple and made with only two ingredients, chalk and water! Kids will love using these paints to paint outside in the summer or on an chalk board inside on cooler days.  These paints can be washed away leaving a blank canvas to start again. 

You will need:

Cheese grater
Pots and brushes

How to make chalk paint

1. Grate your chalk into a fine powder

2. Transfer the chalk powder into a paint pot.

3. Mix water into the chalk powder to form a paint.  Start with a tiny amount of water and add more gradually if needed until you get the paint to a consistency you are happy with.  

Painting with chalk paints

We used our chalk paints inside today.  Harry loved being able to stand at his easel and got painting straight away. 

He painted the whole family.  He was so proud of his painting and so was I as this is the first time he has painted a family portrait!

Here is Harry's completed painting once it had dried.  He still hasn't let me wash it away! The two big people are Mummy and Daddy, Harry is on Mummy's shoulders and Daddy is holding baby Daisy. Grandma is on Daddy's head!

Harry: Age 3

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