Daffodil Spring Flower Craft

These spin art flowers would make a perfect Spring or Mothers Day craft for kids. The addition of a photograph and the message 'If mothers were flowers I'd pick you' makes this flower craft extra special. This daffodil craft would also be perfect as a St David's Day craft or change the colours and you could make any flower of your choice. Scroll down to see the fun painting technique we used to make it.

daffodil flower craft

Flower crafts always look so beautiful. As well as these beautiful daffodils we also have a rainbow flower craft made using the same spin art technique.

Making flower suncatchers is lots of fun too, as is making a painted flower pot to fill with real flowers.

Daffodil Spring Flower Craft

Flower craft supplies

  • Salad spinner
  • Yellow and green cardstock
  • Yellow and gold paint
  • Gold Glitter
  • Green craft sticks

How to make a spin art flower craft

STEP 1: Prepare your supplies

Before starting to make your Spring flower craft make sure you have all your supplies ready. You will need to cut your yellow cardstock into circles that will fit inside your salad spinner. 

spin art flower daffodil craft for kids

STEP 2: Add cardstock and paint to salad spinner

Put the circles of yellow cardstock into the bottom of your salad spinner. Squirt in some gold and yellow paint and add a sprinkling of gold glitter.

daffodil spring flower craft

STEP 3: Spin, spin, spin!

This is the best bit! Put the lid on the salad spinner and spin it as fast as you can! This is the bit Harry (aged 3) loves! 

St David's Day daffodil craft

STEP 4: Check out your spin art! 

Take the lid off the salad spinner and take a look at you spin art! If you are happy with it take it out of the salad spinner and leave it to dry. If you don't like the pattern created leave your spin art in the salad spinner, add more paint and spin again! 

Mother's Day Flower Craft

spin art flower craft

STEP 5: Construct flower craft

Once your spin art has dried cut the yellow cardstock into the shape of a flower. Glue a green craft stick to the bottom of it as a stem and cut a leave shape out of your green cardstock.

Your Spring flower craft is now complete. These flowers look just like daffodils which makes them a perfect St David's Day craft. If you want to make your daffodil craft extra special add a photograph to the middle of the flower. I always love adding photogrpahs to crafts.

If you are making this flower craft for Mother's Day adding the message 'If Mothers were flowers I'd pick you' to the leaf is a nice extra touch.

Mothers Day flower craft for kids

I made this craft with Harry (aged 3) but I couldn't resist adding Daisy's (aged 6 months) face to one too! How cute do they look!

Mothers Day flower craft for kids. If mothers were flowers I'd pick you.

We hope that you have fun making this daffodil craft. As this flower craft looks like a daffodil it would make a perfect St David's Day craft. Alternatively add the message 'If mothers were flowers I'd pick you' to the leaf and it would make a Mothers Day craft to be treasured! My favourite part about this spring flower craft has to be the fun spin art painting technique used to make it. Have fun making your own spin art flower craft!

Spring Flower craft for kids. This daffodil craft makes an easy Mother's day craft, just add the words 'If mothers were flowers I'd pick you'!

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