Printable Santa Letter for Kids

Write a letter to Santa this Christmas using our free printable Santa letter. If your children have been good boys and girls this year use this FREE PRINTABLE to let Santa know whats on their Christmas wish list. 

Free printable santa letter. A fun Christmas activity for kids.

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Build up the Christmas excitement by helping your child write their letter to Santa! Children love thinking about what they would like for Christmas as they dream about Santa's arrival on the big day! 

Christmas is such an exciting and magical time of the year and writing a Santa letter is a Christmas tradition kids love.

Whilst you could write your Christmas wish list on a plain piece of paper, Christmas themed paper definitely makes writing your Santa letter more special. As well as the Santa letter printable we are sharing today we also have a 4 gifts for Christmas printable for anybody taking the 4 gift challenge and some printable Santa lined paper that could be used for more general letters to Santa. 

Scroll down for your free printable Santa Letter

Santa Letter Printable

Santa Letter supplies:

  • Printable letter
  • Special markers / crayons or wooden letter stamps

Writing your Santa Letter

Download and print our free Santa letter template using the link at the bottom of the page. Hand the Christmas template to your child and help them write their Christmas wish list for Santa.

Older children will love having special markers or crayons to use to write their letters, whilst younger children will love using stamps and stickers to add a personal touch to their letters. 

For any children not yet writing that want to add more than a scribble or a few stickers to their Santa letter try using letter stamps. 

We used letter stamps to stamp the first letter in each word on our list. Harry (aged 3) isn't writing yet so doing this made him feel more involved than if I had just written the letter for him. 

It got him thinking about the sound at the beginning of each word and recognising new letters which was an added bonus.

Since writing his letter he has got a bit more specific, he has now said it has to be a bumble bee transformer, a kinder egg with a toy inside and a spiderman with a web!

Free printable santa letter. A fun Christmas activity for kids.


To download this Santa letter click on the link below. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

OPTIONAL IDEA - We rolled up our letter to Santa and tied it with a piece of ribbon. It is now waiting by the fireplace for Santa to magically collect.  

How will you be delivering your Santa letter this year? 

We hope that you enjoy using this printable Santa letter. Merry Christmas!

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