New Years Eve Memory Jar

On New Years Eve we are going to begin making a memory jar/ time capsule together.  This year hasn't been the best year for us as a family so we are hoping to put it behind us and focus on our dreams and wishes for the year ahead. 

We are going to start the memory jar / time capsule on New Years Eve by each writing a wish (or 2) for the coming year (well Harry and Daisy might need some help!)  I have made these stars which are blank on the back ready for writing our wishes on. 

We will add to the jar during the year by putting in items that remind us of special memories or events that take place.  Next New Years Eve we will open it up, look at all our memories and see if we have achieved our wishes and dreams. 

I bought a small jar to use but a box or an old jam jar would work just as well. 

I'm planning on adding small photos, keepsakes, jotting down memories or funny things the children (or us) say or do........really anything that we might enjoy looking back at. 

Do you have any new years eve traditions you do together as a family?

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  1. This is a lovely idea. I kept a diary last year recording family news and events and I m planning to put this together with photos and drawings from kids etc to make a family scrapbook to look back on.

    1. A scrapbook sounds lovely too Nicole. Like you I keep all the childrens drawings, can't throw anything away! I just put them in a box at the moment but a scrap books a good idea.

      I haven't done a memory jar before but I'm looking forward to starting a new year and 'hopefully' having lots of happy memories to fill it with.


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