Friday, 5 December 2014

How to make gloop

Making gloopy gloop (or slime or goop or whatever you like to call it) is soooo much fun! It's really easy to make and Harry LOVED it! It's an extra messy sensory activity, which definitely pleased Harry and he found it fascinating to see how the mixture changed from a solid to a liquid as he played with it. 

To make gloop all you need to do is mix cornflour (or corn starch) and water together at a ratio of about 2:1

We poured our box of cornflour into a bowl.  Harry had fun playing with the cornflour whilst it was dry and as we slowly mixed in the water. It was quite hard to mix together as the cornflour goes hard as you mix it but Harry thought this was REALLY funny.

Once we had made our gloopy gloop (as Harry called it) we poured it into our tuff tray.  We added a few drops of food colouring.  Harry loved watching the colour spread out into the gloop and got quite excited about it.   I put a selection of things from the kitchen (spoons, cake cases, cutters, measuring spoons & cups) and some scrapers on the tray for Harry to play with.

Harry used the spoons, measuring cups and his hands to try and pick up the gloopy gloop. He loved watching the mixture moving back together after he had made holes in it. He picked it up and let it trickle out of his hands. 

He used the scrapers to make tracks and spooned the mixture into the cake cases to make gloopy gloop cakes. 

Before long Harry was sitting in the gloop and covered in it! He played with it for nearly an hour and by the time he had finished the cornflour had turned back into a powder (which helped with the cleaning up as it was easily brushed up.) 

Harry chatted away to himself (as he always does) throughout this activity and he really used his imagination.  The gloop became cakes, ice and soup! 

Harry loved playing in the gloopy gloop so much he has already asked to do it again tomorrow!

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