New Years Eve Countdown for Kids - Countdown Bags

Celebrating New Years Eve with kids can be so much fun! The kids will LOVE counting down to the new year with these countdown bags. This New Years eve countdown for kids can be personalised  by adding treats, games or activities to the bags that you know your kids will love! We have included printable clock faces to make it super easy to make your own set of countdown bags.

 New Years Eve Countdown for Kids - Countdown Bags

New Year is such a fun time and whilst you might not want really young children staying up until midnight there is no need for them to miss out on all the fun! The countdown to New Year could begin and end early, the kids won't have a clue what time it really is!

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What can you put in your New Years Eve Countdown Bags?

You could add anything to these countdown bags! A few fun suggestions for kids could be;

  • A few yummy treats
  • Party blowers (we have instructions to make fun DIY party blowers)
  • New Year party hats
  • New Years Eve games
  • Sparklers 
  • Party poppers
  • Glow sticks (to have a glow disco!)
  • Crackers (a great way to use up any left from Christmas)
  • Paper to write wishes/ dreams for the New Year (you could even start a memory jar)
  • End of year interview questions for kids

New Years Eve Countdown for Kids - Countdown Bags

New years eve with kids. Printable countdown bags.

Supplies needed for your Countdown Bags

  • Printable clock faces
  • Paper gift bags
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Curling ribbon or gift twine

How to make a New Years Eve countdown for kids

STEP 1: Print clock faces

First things first you will need to print out a set of clock faces. We have some blank ones if you want to change the times, but personally I like the kids to think it's midnight even if it isn't! Scroll down below to get the free clock printables and then cut them out.  

STEP 2: Glue clock faces to gift bags

Glue the clock faces onto the gift bags, one on each bag. If you are using the pre printed clock faces you will need 6 gift bags. Matching gift bags look really prettty, but you may need to get varying sized bags depending on what supplies you need for each treat or activity. You could even re use gift bags left after Christmas.

New years crafts for kids. Countdown bags.

STEP 3: Fill the countdown bags

Fill the countdown bags with card games, craft supplies, snacks, and other surprises. Fold down the top of each bag and punch two holes toward the top. Add curling ribbon or gift twine to seal.

New years eve activities for kids. Countdown bags with printable clock faces.

STEP 4: Open the countdown bags at the designated time

Now you have made your set of countdown bags your New Years Eve countdown for kids is ready! Invite the kids to open a bag at the designated time and enjoy the goodies inside. We would love to know what you add to yours!


To download these clock faces for free add $0 and click on the 'I want this' box below. It may take a moment for the page to load so please be patient. For personal use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Get the clock faces for your countdown bags

We hope you have fun with these countdown bags and that you can think of lots of fun surprises to add inside. Take a look at all our New Years Eve activities for kids for more ideas. This New Years Eve countdown for kids is sure to be popular and a great way to start the New Year.
Use these countdown bags for a fun New Years Eve with kids! Add the printable clock faces to gift bags and fill them with New Years Eve activities for kids.
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